The Unique Design Potential of Moss Walls

The increasing interest of designers and architects in biophilic designs and plants has increased the popularity of green walls in modern buildings throughout America. But apart from traditional green walls, a new trend of green walls has emerged in the form of Moss Walls which has changed the design potentials and visual dynamics of commercial buildings.


The Emergence of Moss Walls

Moss Walls have emerged in the field of interior design since last some time due to their compelling and versatile designs. Though they have all the benefits of living green walls but they do not need lighting and irrigation required essentially by traditional green walls to remain healthy. But there can be several other reasons for the increasing popularity of moss walls in the design of residential and commercial buildings.


Functions of Moss Walls
To know more about moss walls you will have to focus on their functions over aesthetics.

The designers can create designs with Moss Walls by using various options of color and texture to make them in various types, styles, and shapes. The main function of the moss walls is to give an inspiring feel and look as they can match with succulents, wood, and stone, etc.

In order to experience the distinctive mood and pattern at any place, it is important to understand the function of the moss wall when it is used as the centerpiece in any interior design. The main thing that made moss walls popular is that in the long run it can be maintained with a low budget and fewer efforts.

According to many interior designers, moss walls can be designed in a number of designs with different themes like contemporary and modern, etc. just by using various types of moss or by using monochromatic colors to give it texture. Urban Industrial designs containing items with interesting textures like metals, tillandsia-an epiphytic plant or wood can be a good example of moss walls. The best thing about moss walls is that they can be modified to be suitable for the spaces of any shape and size.

Moss walls are popularly used in event spaces, brand signage, and situations with a small accent. The popularity of moss installations at large scale is also increasing gradually for houses with multiple families as well as residential homes.


Biophilic Design in Moss Walls
Interior designs with natural elements and greenery are becoming trendy these days. Large as well as small institutions and businesses are becoming more serious about the well-being of their customers, guests, and employees for the last few years. Moreover, the increasing demand for the authentic and natural experience inside and outside their home has made people more brand and wellness conscious. To meet the increasing demand for natural elements, Moss has played a great role.

The demand for biophilic designs is increasing day-by-day because people are becoming more conscious of their benefits on their productivity and happiness along with their health. The benefits of biophilic designs are being appreciated by human resource professionals, change management experts and executives.


Benefits of Moss Walls
The benefits offered by moss walls may include:

  • All elements of biophilic designs are included
  • Absorbs toxic VOC to reduce air pollution
  • No requirement of additional lighting
  • No requirement of irrigation
  • Absorption of sound pollution
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy and quick installation

 Types of moss used in walls
Moss walls can be made by using various species of moss. The main aim of the designers is to find out the type of moss that can be suitable as per the needs of a brand or business. Types of moss normally used for making moss walls include:

  • Reindeer moss
  • Sheet moss
  • Fern moss
  • Mood moss
  • Pillow moss

 Basic things to know about moss walls

  • You can create moss walls of any shape or size
  • The design potential of moss walls is endless
  • Moss walls can also include items like metal, succulents, ferns, and wood
  • The moss used in walls is not living but it is preserved for such purposes
  • These walls can be used in retail stores, reception areas, pop-up events, and restaurants, etc. to kick off brands
  • At present, moss walls are the most economical option for green walls
  • Moss walls need no to low maintenance. They have to be maintained a bit when with time moss becomes dusty or dry and brittle.


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