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Smarter Buildings

Sustainability is the hot topic in the construction industry. Architects and interior and landscape designers are now aiming to create more environmentally-friendly buildings and owners want to know their facility is at the cutting edge of sustainable technology.

“Green” buildings are now the emerging trend as more and more vertically sprawling gardens of greenery are springing to life across the world on the exteriors of skyscrapers, in hotel and condo lobbies, office reception areas, and more.

Some of the benefits that vertical garden systems can provide to make buildings smarter, healthier, and more efficient are:

Vertical Garden Systems can help earn credits towards LEED certification under prerequisites found in the following core themes: Sustainable Sites, Energy & Atmosphere, Water Efficiency, and Innovative Design.  

vertical wall
caixo forum
Caixo Forum, Madrid, Spain – world renowned living wall designed by Patrick Blanc.

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