All You Need To Know About Green Walls And Living Walls.

A landscape properly done with a touch of bliss would provide perfection to any home as far as a backdrop is concerned. This means enhanced features and framed pools and patios. If it could be so with the outdoors, what if these natural textures and colors ever became art, and created a living wall, in the indoors too? That is actually what Scott Hutcheon had in mind when he began making “wall gardens.” This involves skillfully arranging colorful plants, ferns, grasses, or flowers. From these arrangements, there is the formation of 3D framed work of live art, well known as the “living wall.”

The “vertical gardens” concept has been known in the whole of Europe and China for a while now. However, Scott Hutcheon made the original living wall in the USA; this was done using a patented watering system in advanced modular design. Though various other kinds of living walls are available, the modular design has been improved to hold weight, water, and soil more effectively. Hutcheon has done living walls for exhibits and trade shows, for instance, the Los Angeles auto show, and most notably, he made a lasting installation in the Venetian’s Palazzo, Las Vegas.

A Fantastic Expression of Art Designed Even For Homeowners.
Previously, the luxury of living walls was only designed to fit hotel hallways and special exhibits, but now the realities of living walls can be actualized by homeowners in Malaysi. This magical concept of moving plants from a horizontal plane to a vertical plane has provided designers with an entirely new reality of designing possibilities.

Modular panels make up a living wall. This means that sizes and shapes are fully customizable, and the replacement of individual plants is easy too. Each panel has an irrigation tank above for the addition of water. It also has a synthetic mat that is designed to retain nutrients and hold water. Besides, there is a water collection tray below that can be emptied as necessary. A living wall is clean; water and soil are restrained, which makes them suitable for installing indoors. Besides, panels have a design for attaching driplines for easier outdoor maintenance.

Away from the beauty and the bliss of a living wall, there are natural benefits associated with it. A Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified custom home located in Culver city instructed Scott Hutcheon to set up a three-story living wall consisting of tropical plants and herbage as a practical design to help in lowering temperatures inside the building. By a process known as evapotranspiration, plants have a natural capacity to reduce temperatures in their environment. Please note that evapotranspiration’ is the process through which plants lose water from their leaves into the air. Improved concepts for living walls are still being invented.


Outstanding and Customizable Art
In addition to all its goodness, the art of living walls makes it extremely easy to integrate the colors of the seasons, which are naturally changing into home décor. This ranges from the fresh flowers of spring to the beautiful colors of fall.

Living walls feature very outstandingly in a home. They are highly customizable and have been installed in very few homes, which makes them super unique.

Similar to the concept of the living wall is the green wall, commonly known as vertical gardens. This is frequently used in providing a green wall for the coverage and beautification of side fences. The designing, construction, installation, and maintaining of the green walls and living walls is becoming easier each day with new inventions being made from time to time.

Indeed, home beauty enthusiasts have found the ultimate solution to their desire for an exceptionally inviting and natural eye appeal, not forgetting a welcome to remember forever for your guests. Surprisingly, these artful living expressions get to homeowners at considerably low prices!

When you think about making your home unique, please don’t go for the typical paint and canvas, think of having it green, natural and living — thinking of having it as a vertical garden, a green wall, or a living wall. On top of the beauty, you get other natural benefits too. The fresh air, the cooling effect and, and of course, with this, there must be some serenity. All the best as you prepare to have this new home décor in place!


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