Custom Vertical Garden Living Wall

A custom designed living wall can fill any empty wall space with colour and creates a dramatic visual impact. Your building can come alive with a living décor that provides an area of beauty, calm, and inspiration to live and work in. Best of all, vertical gardens can give you lush greenery to enjoy without taking any valuable floor space whether it be indoors or outdoors.

EcoBalance is there every step of the way from site evaluation and preparation, customizing system design and fabrication of components to ensure a perfect fit, system installation, plant wall design, and maintenance. We control every step of the process to make certain that the system runs optimally and that the plants thrive to give you the natural masterpiece that was planned for and envisioned.

The EcoBalance Advantage

  • We can provide vertical gardens of any size or shape whether it be a small home indoor wall to large exterior installations for corporate buildings.
  • We have developed our own vertical garden system principles and the components to match these principles. We feel our system is more plant-friendly, easier to work with, and more durable for Malaysia's hot, tropical climate.
  • We offer a variety of system designs and materials that will be carefully selected to meet the unique needs of the chosen environment (i.e. outdoor vs indoor, sunlight exposure time and intensity).
  • Since all our vertical garden system components are manufactured locally, we are generally more cost-effective compared to other commercial systems, which are usually imported in.
  • Our vertical gardens comes with a guarantee.
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After-Sale Service & Maintenance

Our relationship with clients extend beyond installation of the green wall. Our walls are equipped with a one-year maintenance service that safeguards your investment and guarantees a thriving living wall.

Even though our systems, when fully established can be self-sustaining, the initial few months are critical to ensure successful adaptation and establishment of plants. This initial period allows us to monitor the young plants, and any non-performing plants will be replaced during this period. Fertigation performance is monitored and can be modified to ensure that water and fertilizer are being most efficiently taken up by plants with minimal wastage.

It takes about 3-4 months for the plants to be established. During that time, like any established garden, routine tasks will be performed to make sure your vertical garden is growing to its potential and looking its best.

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