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It is an innate, primal feeling that we all have when we’re immersed in nature. The sense of peace and tranquility, and the reinvigorating and revitalizing effect that we all feel from the feeling of close connection with our natural environment. You can re-create this overall better sense of well-being with the inclusion of plants and gardens into your living and work environment.

Living wall installations can transform a dull and empty wall into an artistic masterpiece providing an beautifully alluring and inviting environment. The psychological benefits of plants have long been recognized and scientifically quantified over the last couple of decades and the concept of biophilia, which theorizes that humans are genetically programmed to seek connections with nature, rings true today as our natural spaces continually diminishes in the face of increasing urbanization. Studies certainly indicate better mental health associated interior landscapes such as reduction of stress levels and overall healthier occupants.

"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better."

– Albert Einstein

Benefits of Living Walls for the Workplace

Vertical gardens can introduce a high density of plants into your work environment without sacrificing valuable floor space. Studies have shown a multitude of employee health benefits when green walls are installed at the workplace. Some of these benefits include:

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Less Sick Days

With the air filtering benefits of plants to remove indoor toxins (i.e. VOCs), employees are exposed to a healthier work spaces.  There will be less complaints of fatigue, headaches, and irritated eyes/throat, general symptoms commonly associated with elevated levels of indoor toxins.

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Employee Satisfaction

The presence of a green wall also adds to employee's positive emotional connection to their work place. The beautiful, green, lush environment that living green walls can provide can replicate the intrinsic benefits of nature - it can invigorate and inspire, it can soothe and relax. When people feel better, they will work better.

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Enhanced Company Profile

There is a reason that green walls are becoming more and more prominent in work places. Besides the great health benefits that plants bring, the installation of a green wall gives positive impressions of a green-conscious, forward-thinking company that provides a great working environment for their employees.

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Improved Productivity

With plants providing an environment with more energy-giving oxygen, employees have access to cleaner air with higher concentrations of oxygen which leads to better concentration and focus towards work-related tasks and activities. Studies estimate an increase of 15% productivity with the inclusion of a green wall to a work place. A higher sense of well-being and positive mood from indoor greenery enhances learning and more efficient decision-making on complex tasks.

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