Artificial Green Wall

Sometimes there are constraints that may prevent you from getting a Living Green Wall. These constraints may be budgetary or may be simply time to invest to care for living plants.

If that is the case but you still desire an elegant, artistic green wall and its representation of nature into your home or work space, then an artificial green wall may be the solution to meet your needs.

There are certainly some advantages that artificial green walls have to living green walls. Some of these are:

  • Cheaper than real plants.
  • Easier to install.
  • Little to no maintenance costs.
  • No irrigation, pest control, weed control required.
  • No mess
  • No sunlight requirements.

In a nutshell, artificial green walls can be installed anywhere with virtually no maintenance required afterwards. 

At EcoBalance, we offer to bring greenery to your living and work spaces if a living wall vertical garden may be out of your budget or you simply want a nature-inspired decor without the hassle of looking after live plants.

We source for the most realistic artificial plants in the market that is UV treated to ensure a long lifespan.  We can supply a green wall with customized plant arrangement that will surely please the eye and bring a sense of nature closer to your life.

Why Vertical Gardening and Vertical Landscape is Awesome

The vertical garden refers to the techniques used to grow plants on a vertically hanging board using hydroponics in which the vertical landscape refers to the technique of landscaping on a vertical course. The unique structures used for these purposes can be freestanding or attached to a wall. Vertical gardens have been used since the ancient civilizations. Most of the modern vertical gardens can last for decades. Besides, both vertical gardens and vertical landscapes naturalize modern works.

Why Are Vertical Gardens So Wonderful?

Vertical gardens are a great alternative to plants kept in offices in pots. While potted plants have the advantage of being placed anywhere, they can take up much of the office space. Besides, they require a lot of maintenance. With the vertical gardens, however, there is only one large palette to keep and will provide a rich color palette for any professional environment.

Another reason why vertical gardens and vertical landscapes are awesome is that they can be made in different unique ways. For instance, vineyards can be climbers and non-climbers based on the environment and the conditions around them. So, if we place them in such a way that they can climb, say from a bowl or a plot of land, they will become a huge thing with a large harvest. Pots of vegetables filled with products can be hung, as is the case with peas, eggplant, peppers, tomatoes, and beans. The important point is that our space is only a small part of our growing space.

Vertical gardens and vertical landscapes are a step towards a better future. Growing food at home through the vertical garden reduces our need for commercially grown produce. Besides, it reduces our demand to ship things from far and purifies the air quality in our homes. By doing so, we can reduce our grocery bills, start a healthy hobby, and seriously beautify our environment with greenery, fruits, bees, vegetables, flowers, and butterflies. The vertical landscape provides an appealing beauty to the eye.

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